Your shortcut to interview preparation.

Inspired by the 80/20 principle, the prep cards offer you an effortless way to prepare for your interview, while ensuring you focus on the most impactful topics and skyrocket your confidence.

Who is this for?

The prep cards are designed with versatility in mind, catering to a wide range of individuals who seek to excel in JavaScript interviews, exams, and beyond. Whether you're a candidate, an interviewer, a student, or simply someone aiming to master the most vital JS topics quickly, the prep cards are your go-to solution.

Support for Candidates and Students

The prep cards provide a strategic shortcut to mastering the most discussed JS topics. Whether you're preparing for a job interview or an important exam, these cards offer a compact yet comprehensive approach, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Tool for Interviewers

For those conducting interviews, the prep cards are a handy tool to make the process smoother and more effective. They help you concentrate on the most important topics, ensuring you can assess candidates accurately and fairly with well-chosen questions.

Exploring the Depths of The Deck

Handpicked Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the prep cards and find questions that many JavaScript interviews ask. We've chosen these questions carefully, so you get the most useful ones to study. You won't waste time on rare or unimportant stuff – just the questions that interviewers really like to ask. We've undertaken the exhaustive task of scouring, sorting, and structuring these questions, ensuring that you're presented with a streamlined and cohesive resource.

Clear Explanations for Deeper Understanding

Each card is like a mini-lesson. You'll get clear answers that help you understand why things work the way they do. It's about understanding the core concepts, not just memorizing answers.

Quick Review for Busy Schedules

Designed for convenience, the prep cards are your go-to resource for on-the-go preparation or last-minute reviews. They're perfect for a quick study session, allowing you to make the most of your time wherever you are.

With the prep cards you're leveraging the 80/20 rule to maximize your study effectiveness, reclaiming precious time and polishing your interview skills.

The Card

the prep cards;


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JavaScript Edition deck is the Fundamental deck consisting 50 cards on topics like Hoisting, Closure, Promises, etc. As well as OOP, SOLID and Testing.

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Explore React essentials in our comprehensive deck, covering JSX, Virtual DOM, Hooks, and Server-Side Rendering to boost your skills.

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The Creator

Hi there! I'm Dara Kondoff, a dedicated developer who has explored both the worlds of recruitment and programming. With a background in recruitment, I've had the chance of conducting numerous interviews, understanding the complex back-and-forth that happens between candidates and interviewers. However, my drive to grow personally led me to a significant decision – a transition from recruiter to developer, specializing in JavaScript and React.

The Spark Behind the prep cards;

Starting on this new path, I faced a series of technical interviews. As a junior developer aiming to level up and as someone moving through the ever-changing landscape of an outsourcing company, I frequently found myself in the spotlight of interviews.

The work of searching the web for commonly asked questions, carefully analyzing putting information together, and then improving my preparation process was a demanding task that consumed precious time and energy.

Driven by this very challenge, the idea for the prep cards; was born. Drawing from my point as both an ex-recruiter and a developer, I recognized the need for a streamlined, efficient solution. A solution that would transform the tough task of interview preparation into a seamless, confidence-boosting experience.


Are the prep cards suitable for learning programming from scratch?

No, they are designed to complement your existing knowledge. They are most effective for individuals who have already begun a programming course, bootcamp, academy, or university program and are seeking targeted interview preparation.

How should I use the flashcards?

Add them to your iPhone or Android device for the optimal mobile experience. They are also compatible with tablets and desktops, though they are designed with mobile use in mind. Simply swipe through them whenever you have some downtime or need a quick review.

Are the cards suitable for experienced developer?

Absolutely! The prep cards cater to both junior and experienced developers. They cover all the classic JavaScript questions, making it easy for everyone to up their game, no matter how much experience you have.

What if I find an error?

Despite my best efforts, there will be errors in the cards. If you find an error, send me a message onTwitter or LinkedIn and I will fix it.

What languages do they cover?

Currently, we offer two sets: the JS Edition covers essential programming concepts and topics like Closure, Event Loop, Hoisting, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), SOLID principles, and Testing. The React Edition delves into React-specific concepts and techniques.

Are the sets updated regularly?

Absolutely! I'm always on the lookout for new and relevant topics that are gaining traction in interviews. Whenever I add fresh content that I believe is essential, I update the sets. If you've already purchased a set, you'll receive the updated version at no extra cost. New customers will automatically receive the most current version of the deck.

Will there be decks for other technologies?

I am committed to ongoing growth and will be introducing additional technology-focused card sets in the near future.

Are the cards digital or physical?

The flashcards are currently only available in digital format. However, upon purchase, you'll receive two files, including one that is Print-Ready. This enables you to easily print the flashcards with professional quality. The files are prepared following printing guidelines for 300 DPI resolution, CMYK colors, and a perfect 9cm x 12cm size. Simply send the file(s) to your preferred printing company, and you'll have physical flashcards ready in no time.

What if I cannot afford the flash cards?

If you cannot afford the cards, send me a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn and I will send you a 100% coupon code, no questions asked.

What if I don't like them?

No hard feelings! I'll give you a full refund.